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The growth of the industry has forced businesses to re adapt their applications to an e-model process of conducting business. Applications and information now has to be accessed , deployed and managed via the web.

IDM Solutions provides web-enabling access services which allow you to access your applications and information in native mode through the web. We can help you architect and implement these solutions faster, more reliably and cost-effectively. Our development team has years of experience in developing solutions through intelligence choice and usage of technology. We have been developing and implementing solutions which provide access to information for several years now and this has provided us with a clear understanding of the technologies which best respond to these requirements.  Our methodology is based on quick, step by step implementations which can be scaled up  for the most cost-effective returns.

Our services to meet your web enabling access requirements include:  

Consultancy on how to render your information and applications available   through the Intranet/Internet/Extranet 

Design and development of solutions allowing you to run client applications from a browser

Software Customization

Open text search & retrieval in electronic documents, databases, e-mails & URLs 

E-Mail Archiving, Auditing & Classifying Solutions

Remote Access to applications

Electronic Report Distribution

Implementation, Integration  Training

These services are offered with on-going Support/Outsourcing.  

Some Examples of Our Solutions:

Running Client Applications from a browser              

If your software is a client server application, you can web-enable your application so that the client can run from within a browser. Your users will then be able to access the functionality of the client from a secure Intranet/Internet site anywhere in the world.

This was the case at several major universities in Canada such as the University of Sherbrooke, University of Ottawa and Wilfrid Laurier University. All three had large electronic collections that needed to be made available to a large user community both on and off campus. As a first phase, IDM Solutions had implemented solutions which allowed users to manage and share collections campus wide. Although this provided end-users with convenient LAN access from their desktops to the collections, accessing the information required using search engines, sometimes at the desktop itself which was difficult, with users running various operating systems from DOS to NT for example. Updates of titles were also troublesome as each new title had to be configured at the desktop. To alleviate management problems and simplify searching and accessing, IDM Solutions solved these issues by providing easy Intranet/Internet access through a Web-browser to the non-web based server. This improved management and maintenance of resources and ensured remote access despite the variety of operating systems. 

Feasibility Study                                                             

IDM Solutions was contracted by Industry Canada to conduct a Feasibility study to determine the feasibility/ requirements/ specifications of accessing electronically stored information and databases from both a regional and head office standpoint. Some of the considerations were: 

   The need to access information in a timely manner

   How to ensure that all information updates were done without any conflict at the client level

   Having information available through a browser

   Ensuring that the right user had access to the right information

IDM Solutions provided a series of recommendations which met both the technical and business requirements. Industry Canada subsequently implemented a Canada wide solution based on those recommendations.

Customized CD Management Tool                                 

IDM Solutions was contracted by The Law Society of Upper Canada to solve a problem they had regarding the accessibility of information for their users. The librarians at the LSUC  had a very large collection of CD-ROM based information from different authors & publishers concerning law in many jurisdictions. They wanted to give all their users access to  Gigabytes of data through their LAN  via a centralized CD-ROM dedicated Server. Even more critical was the need to facilitate the retrieval  of information by filtering  the CD volumes by Author, Publisher, Jurisdiction, Subject  and Title.

IDM Solutions supplied a turnkey solution that was implemented without major changes to their infra-structure.  We seamlessly installed into their network a dedicated CD-Rom Server with third party software that manages & gives access to the CDs to all users as if they were locally installed at their workstations. To provide seamless search and filtering of the CD collection from a uniform browser, we designed a proprietary software,  Sea-D Search (a Win32 user interface) that allows end-users to click on any title from their desktop and go directly to that CD.

Specialized Search & Retrieval Application                        

The translation bureau of one of Canadas largest chartered banks had a requirement to  recycle their terminology material that they had accumulated as knowledge &  intellectual work in a DOS application. They wanted to build a terminological Data Store for their Bilingual Industry-phrasing (Banking - Financial - Insurance) which they could search and retrieve from in both official languages- English and French, and they wanted this application to be Windows based.

IDM Solutions designed and installed a total solution to meet those requirements which included:

  Developing a Windows based application for their Terminological records.

  Recycling their accumulated Knowledge to become Searchable & Retrievable.  

  Installing a   powerful commercial  Search engine to  search & retrieve in their legacy data  Documents & ODBC compliant Databases.

  Translating the search engine from English to French (user interface, business logic, process logic)

  Integrating  the solution to help the work-group become more productive and accomplish more tasks effectively and securely.