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- S t r a t e g i c  A l l i a n c e s -

IDM Solutions has alliances with leading edge vendors of hardware & software.

Some of our industry partners include:

Citrix is the global leader in providing application server software and services for the enterprise. Citrix’s application server software and services offer “Digital Independence™” — the ability to run any application on any device with any connection, wireless to Web, so that now, everything can compute. Citrix application server software and services enable organizations to run applications on servers that can be accessed from a variety of client devices.



H+H web site (German)

With H+H NetMan, you no longer have to install applications on each user  PC individually. The simple administration and installation support you get from H+H NetMan makes it easy to provide a broad variety of applications and information for your users, whether CD/DVD-based 3T ("Toys, Tools and Tutorials") applications, standard applications such as MS Office, access to on-line databases in the Internet, or URL-listings. From H+H NetMan for schools to the high-end H+H NetMan TS solution, we have an entire family of products to meet your growing demands.
H+HNetMan® Website Virtual CD® Website

MFDigital is the worldwide leader in CD-R / DVD-R duplication and printing solutions. From high throughput manual systems to sophisticated publishing systems, MFDigital offers the most extensive line of CD-R / DVD-R products anywhere. All products are readily available through an international network of quality channel partners. 


Since its inception in 1975, Microsoft's mission has been to create software for the personal computer that empowers and enriches people in the workplace, at school and at home.
ISYS is the name of Odyssey’s text retrieval  software. Odyssey is a software development house, specializing in text retrieval software for either LAN/WAN or Internet/Intranet based enterprise systems. With ten years experience in the text retrieval business, Odyssey has enjoyed substantial success in terms of sales and technological advancement, particularly in Australia and the US.